17 year old boy dating 13 year old girl

17-Nov-2019 20:56

I would just keep an eye out and make sure your son knows what you expect of him..make sure her parents are aware of the situation as well.Her being at another school probably will make a difference in how much they see each other too. It's not illegal to DATE someone who's 13.Much more listening than lecturing is in order now.She doesn't need to hear things like, "You know the only thing a 17-year-old boy wants with a 14-year-old girl, don't you?If she experiences your openness and empathy, she will be more likely to come to you for support and understanding as she navigates the confusing, often overwhelming, waters of adolescence.

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I think that a call between parents is in order...maybe just a quick, "Hi, I think our kids are becoming good friends and I think we should be on the same page." You don't even have to say they're dating, but if I were uncomfortable with a pairing (I haven't been so far) with my teen...

" Knowing why she feels a need to keep this or perhaps any involvement with boys a secret from you will be helpful in talking this over with her.