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Result: you may be settled in another lodging, of course if they can find it for you.

You will be met by our representative who knows the region.

If your flight is delayed regular taxi won't wait you.

On your arrival you will have to look for a another taxi. and you know that at the airport taxi is VERY expensive.

In case of any problems with luggage - we will help to settle it down. Most Ukrainian taxi drivers don't speak English, so it will be difficult to explain where to go.

Since you are a foreigner you will be offered a very high taxi-fee that isn't fair.

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Any theory of “sex between two consenting adults " is best left behind before you depart for Thailand.Whatever your needs to make your time magical we are always at hand and available to help and support you both.See our Tab “Car Hire “should you wish to explore with independence.You will have to plan your meetings, transportation and places for dates independently.

Due to incorrect planning, you can fail to meet the lady as your visit can be unexpected for her and thus she may not have enough of free time to spend with you... If you have already made up your mind to get one of our trips, please fill out the special form.We book and pay for your accommodation before your arrival – it guarantees your 100% checking in accommodation.