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Prior to the Nihon Shoki and the Kojiki, there was no tradition of Shinto sculpture.

Today Shintō remains an extraordinary example of Japan’s penchant for religious syncretism.

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It seemed long years of sufferings must have left a silent trace. My father and mother are dead, and my little brothers and sisters were hungry and asked me for bread. I got, oh was it stealing the bread to give to them? His father had bidden him stand there, and he had been taught always to obey.

At first I earned it for them by working hard all day, but somehow the times were hard, sir, adn teh work fell all away. The weather was bitter cold and the young ones cried and shivered; little Johnny's but four eyars old. " Every man in the courtroom graybeard, and thoughtless youth knew as they looked upon him that hte prisoner spoke the truth. The men who were left alive made haste to launch a small boat. Any other place was safer now than on board of the burning ship. He trusted in his father's word, and believed that when the right time came, he would tell him to go.

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He stood at the bar of justice; creature wan and wirld, in form too small for a man, in feature too old for a child, but he stood so worn and pathetic -- 'twas stamped on his pale young face. The flames were almost all around him now but he would not stir from his post.

The two were commissioned by Japan’s leaders to demonstrate to the Chinese Emperor that the Yamato Dynasty (aka Japan) had a long and distinguished history -- thereby proving that Japan was a sovereign kingdom.

Together, they are translated as WAY OF THE GODS (Kami no Michi 神の道).

The lover of sculpture is therefore advised to plan accordingly.

The main Shintō rites and festivals are for celebrating the New Year, child birth, coming of age, planting and havest, weddings, and groundbreaking ceremonies for new buildings.Even today, Shintōism remains unencumbered by religious doctrine and institutionalized belief, and serves more as a popular community-based folk religion featuring popular festivals, group pilgrimages, and special ceremonies to mark key life passages (e.g., birth, 7-5-3, coming of age, marriage).

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