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To present as much pertinent material as possible, dozens of absolutely damning documents, personal statements, and video snippets flash by in rapid succession.

The most valuable footage appears to be brand new to this Final Cut, including numerous eye witness accounts of bombs going off on lower and ground floors of the World Trade towers before they collapsed; Norman Mineta describing the infamous incident at the Pentagon inferring that Dick Cheney knew a plane was approaching and not only did nothing, but seems to have been enforcing a stand-down order; and puzzled officials and newscasters describing the lack of wreckage at Flight 93's crash site.

The less said about promising yet awful Love Actually the better.

Incidentally, banter on the commentary track of Four Weddings explains why Love Actually turned out to be crap: sometimes Curtis can't help constructing gags at the expense of realism, and as the first-time director of Love Actually, there was nobody around to reign in this tendency on that film.

It ignores all tangents and side issues, instead playing actual news footage from CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN, BBC, and other broadcasters to illustrate the main problems with the official story.

All up, there is a stack of information presented, much of it no doubt uncovered since the Second Edition was made a few years ago.

The Naked Mile features Stifler's cousin Eric, who is a virgin (naturally).

He ends up running the Naked Mile campus race with hundreds of other naked and semi-naked students.

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Be sure to watch the hilarious trailer in the special edition DVD. It seems that Michael Mann has joined the swelling ranks of good or once promising directors who've bought into the whole remake or homage bullshit. Remember that Mann shouldn't have been making this damn movie in the first place.) Another problem is Mann's insistence that such established characters as Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) needed no reintroduction or fleshing out.

It's summer in Australia, and not just summer, but stinking hot, too.