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17-Feb-2020 04:41

Visual quickies are all well and good, but compelling narratives can make porn that much more fun to watch.

If you're a fan of sexual tension, you may enjoy Bright Desire, which advertises "respectful erotic films" that build up to the sex instead of diving right in.

For instance, to enjoy content from national hero Stormy Daniels, follow her for .99 per month.

Currently, that will give you access to 235 of her photos and 16 videos.

Lady Cheeky calls itself "smut for smarties" and brags that its the number one porn site for women.

That's obviously subjective, but we do adore this Tumblr-style page with extremely sexy photos and gifs.

The more you pay, the more access you get, so find the tier that best fits your needs and budget.

Four Chambers describes itself as "part art project, part erotica cinemascope," so get ready to get off to beautiful and artsy videos that subvert what mainstream society says sexuality should look like.

If you're looking for something instructional, the sex-ed videos offer tips on sex acts from cunnilingus to anal in usefully graphic detail.

Intimacy and authenticity are prominent themes in these videos.

Access them for .95 for the first 30 days and then for .95 per month.

Two highlights: Stoya's Around the World in 80 Ways series, in which Stoya stars in sexy global adventures, and Kayden Kross's Gamer Girls, which features a Nintendo-themed narrative in which women take control.

Better yet, Trenchcoat X delivers personalized recommendations via an innovative search tool: Its "squee" feature asks what you'd like to see in your porn, while its "squick" feature asks you what you'd rather avoid.

Four Chambers, a name in reference to a four-chambered heart, uses the platform Patreon.