An instructional design approach to updating an online course curriculum

19-Oct-2019 00:01

Initiation of the curriculum revision process did not appear to have significant impact.

Within the interim process, however, the actualpersonal involvement in the revision project was extremely important.

Overwhelmingly, districts provided in-service training, and respondents considered this an essential element in the success of a curriculum revision project.

Teachers and principals both agreed that the traditional one-shot in-service program was inadequate.

As a small rural district without a curriculum coordinator, the building principals were given the responsibility for achieving the goal of developing an effective curriculum revision program which would meet the needs of a 2lst century workforce. Substantiating this view that change was necessary despite overt resistance, various authors (Henderson & Hawthorne, l995; Jelinek, l978; Kallen, l996; Patterson, l997; Toch & Daniel, l996, Wagner, l998) presented strong arguments that outdated strategies (the implementation of curriculum) had to be discarded and ineffectual methodology eliminated.

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This study and the subsequent recommendations had their origin in the frustration of two building administrators who were given the responsibility of designing a curriculum revision project which would upgrade the established instructional program and improve classroom instruction (the quote of their superintendent assigning the task). Continuing in that line of reasoning, Olson and Rothman (l993) offered that while the last decade has been one of challenge and excitement for American education, the fragmented and isolationist manner in which many of the reform efforts have been implemented brought about no lasting change.

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