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A prison correspondent writes about Fitting Up; Phil Parsons on the People Show theatre group; John Peels Perfumed Garden column; London Free School formed; Berlin Commune; Ad for Pink Floyd, Tomorrow, Move, Denny Laine and Eric Burdon and the Animals at UFO Festival. Chicago Yippies and the Democratic convention; Stockholm, phallic magicians open fire at moon event; a guide to macrobiotic food; Rome Full-page advert for the First European International Pop Festival with performers scheduled to include Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Zoot Money's Dantalion's Chariot, Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll, Dragonfly, The End, Pebbles, No To Go, Robati, Samurai, Ten Years After, Traffic, Soft Machine Family, Nice, Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, Traffic, Fairport Convention, Ten Years After and many others including the unconfirmed Big Brother and the Holding Company, Country Joe and the Fish, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane etc.; Yoga, Sex and the Magic Mushroom; The Hyde Park Diggers; Perfumed Garden column by John Peel.

Ad for Social Deviants, Louise, Chicago N/W System, Pollen People, Mable Greers Toyshop, San Gopal at Happening 44; Graham Bond Organization, Social Deviants, Shiva's Children at Middle Earth. Centres and Lines of the Latent Power in Britain by John Michell; Aleister Crowley the proto-hippie; Alex Trocchi; Continuous Drawing from London to Amsterdam; LSD gene damage & acid report; Alex Trocchi; Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow ad, and Yoko Ono at Lisson Gallery ad; ad for Jimi Hendrix / Arthur Brown at the Saville Theatre, ad for Nexus Film Festival at Royal Festival Hall; John Peels Perfumed Garden; Song For International Times Kevin Ayers; IT means quotes; Author Leslie Fielder busted by the police; Ad for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, John's Children, Crying Shame and the Crazy World of Arthur Brown at the Saville; Ad for the Art's Lab; Ad for Denny Laine and the Knack, Soft Machine, Fairport Convention, Vanilla Fudge at UFO; Hieronymus Bosch; Reader responses on articles on Aleister Crowley in IT 17 and It 18; Continuous painting from Amsterdam to London; Nothing Hill Festival; Ad for Social Deviants, Sensory Amarda, Doctor K's Blues Band, South East Blues Band, Louise and Tintern Abbey at Happening 44; 20 pp. A Diet for Friends (part 1) Body as implement; Centre-spread on Tantric Sex is reprinted from the November 1967 edition of the Oracle of Southern California; advert for the first issue of The Running Man magazine; Ad for Albion Awakening at Middle Earth with Fairport Convention, Action, Pete Brown Poetry Band, Third Ear Band, Dreamboat, Jeff Dexter, Dave Tomlin, Occurrences; Ad for The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, John Mayall, Tim Buckley, Alexis Korner, People Show, Arlo Guthrie, Soft Machine and Release benefit ball with Action, Attack, Blossom Toes, Doc K's Blues Band, Fairport Convention, Family Fusion, Pete Brown's Poetry Band, Piccadilly Line, Pretty Thingsit29 April 19 May 2 1968: Cover by Francis Vasseur.

Published by Lovebooks Ltd: 102 Southampton Row, London WC2 Editor: Tom Mc Grath; Assistant Editor: David Z Mairowitz; Production: John Hopkins; Distribution: Roger Whelan; Advertising: Suzanne Cahn; Man-at-Large: Jack Henry Moore Editorial Board: Jim Haynes, Michael Henshaw, John Hopkins, Tom Mc Grath, Jack H Mooreit1 Oct 14 - 27 1966: Death of Andre Breton obituary by Jean-Jaques Lebel; Yoko Onos Unfinished Paintings and Objects notice for show at Indica Gallery, 102 Southampton Row (where she met John Lennon etc.); Adrian Mitchell poem- Make or Break written for Royal Shakespeare Companys production of US, a play about Vietnam, with Glenda Jackson; Report on the Warsaw International Festival of Music & portrait of Penderecki; Bob Cobbings Group H exhibition; Destruction In Art Symposium (DIAS) Two views of DIAS - Jay Landesman and Tony Cox; a review of She Woman as Cathedral, a ninety-foot-long woman built by Nikki de Saint Phsille, Jean Tinguely and Olof Ultvedt in the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art; for Indica Gallery; Simon Vinkenoog on Provo in Amsterdam; report on Timothy Learys Spiritual Stage show from Bubu in New York; China: by Alex Gross; Alone in Swinging London - cartoon strip featuring Clifton de Berry [who later became Seedy Bee] & Vera Groin in Glorious Sphinctovision, by Jeff Nuttall; Peter Ashers pop column Pop.. Ouch by Millionaire includes a report of a Rolling Stones concert at the Albert Hall; LSD; Dope prices; Whats Happening listings reveal Pink Floyd Mix Media Show at the London Free School, All Saints Hall; Bert Jansch at St.

Pancras Town Hall; Roland Kirk at Ronnie Scotts; Karma boutique opens; - 1s; 12ppit2 Oct 31 Nov 13 1966: Yoko Ono; Report on the IT launch party at The Roundhouse - Pink Floyd / Soft Machine / Paul Mc Cartney etc; Ezra Pounds unpublished wartime broadcasts on Radio Rome containing his highly controversial views. Broadside sheet featuring the text of "The Invisible Generation", and a photograph by Antony Balch of William Burroughs on the telephone. Huff; Jean Jaques Lebel: French Letter.it6 16 - : William Burroughs "The Invisible Generation (Continued)", the second appearance of this text (following the IT poster half-issue no.5.5).; Norman Mailer on Vietnam War ; Allen Ginsberg; Cerebral Cortex.

-12pp it5 Dec 12 25th 1966: Message to the Queen; Interview with Claus Oldenburg: London: male city; Little Richard performance, Pink Floyd and Move reviews; Jim Dine: Indecent but not obscene...; Tom Mc Grath writes about being arrested for trying to steal the Crown Jewels; John Wilcocks Others Seens [sic]. Pete Townsend interview - two pages; Jeff Nuttall comic strip; report on race in Cuba; Alan Ginsberg feature 'Reflections on the Mantra'; Gary Snyder feature 'Buddhism and the Coming Revolution'; The Diggers Mystique; Censorship; where the new 'underground' is going and what its priorities should be......; John Wilcocks report on a San Francisco Love-In.; Tom Mc Grath on Junk and drug-related matters; Tom Mc Grath writes about Racism in Cuba; Raymond Durgnat, rave or stiff upper lip; Alex Gross on Sex Supermarket in Germany; C. Traill-Hill on of human bondage about corruption; A newly developing eastern- inspired counter-culture art emerging.

- 16ppit9 Feb 27 - Mar 12 1967: Front cover illustration is by Michael English.

Instant Information poster Happy New Year Immortalise Yourself by Mal Dean (feat. (asteroid); The Hindu Trinity by Max Zwemmer; Tribe Time 2; reports and articles about/from Africa, Belgium, France; John Peels Perfumed Garden; Ad for free Hyde Park concert with Pink Floyd, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Bonzo Dog Doo dah Band, The Nice, Juniors Eyes; Kevin Ayers of Soft Machine; Ad for Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Danny Thompson, Terry Cox and Jacqui Mc Shee at the Royal Festival Hall; Ad for Warwick University Arts Festival with The Family, Roy Harper, Robin Thompson, Incredible String Band, Cornelius Cardew, Chris Mc Gregor; Review concert by Roy Harper, Tyrannosaurus Rex with David Bowie and Stefan Grossman; Cannes Film Festival; John Peel.

Double sided single A3 issued partly to make money to cover the legal cost of Its first police raid and also to give update on countering the police action; with Paul Mc Cartney (who donated 500 to the relief fund); R.

Human Be-in; Cover: Psychedelically body-painted girl; announcement of the first UK Human Be-In at Alexandra Palace; Chinese Red Guards; Prostitution in London Raymond Durgnat; Barry Miles interviews Graham Nash of The Hollies. it12 April 28 May 12 1967: IT presents a 14-hour Technicolor read-in issue The last issue edited by Tom Mc Grath, celebrating 24-hour Technicolour Dream at Alexander Palace (29th April); Split fountain, full-colour cover.

This edition is in a smaller format than the usual (15 rather than 17 inches high) and printed on slightly glossy paper.

International Times is a mosaic of an inverted form of the old myths of the Holy Grail. Interview with Rudi Dutschke the German revolutionary, before his attempted assassination; Victory Thru Vegetables by Greg Sams; UFO is Dead an analysis of the demise of the venue of that name including graphic display of the origin of user; a lot about Londons ARTS LAB, especially film, including interviews, opinion etc...

An audacious union of masked words The unchaining of natural forces An ability to initiate the proposed dialogue A seducer of the imagination The persuasive equivalent of nuclear weapons. Hear the soundwhos still stonedoff againwheee Penrith Hello Penrith.. Find printergood morning hours you say, OK Well come back Caf.bacon juke box Rain now outside. Open letter to Tariq Ali from John Hopkins; letter to IT from Mick Farren; Ads for Captain Beefheart, The Deviants, Uriel, Brian Auger Trinity with Julie Driscoll, Audience, Tintagel, Ike and Tina Turner, Thackeray, Owen Russell Blues Band, Fairport Convention, Tangerine Slyde, Ginger Johnson, Soft Machine, People Show, King Ida's Watch Chain and Memphis Leather at Middle Earth.the East Village Scene and Ed Sanders/ Fugs / Grateful Dead, Tompkins Park Square; Timothy Leary in Millbrook; Exploding Galaxy; David Medela; next week IT will publish a half issue for the Rolling Stones; Letters: Pete Fryer / Suzie Creamcheese ; Running Man Books; Jeff Nuttall strip; CYN' - 'IT Girl' centre page pin-up (Coke can..); Middle East situation; half-page ad for Indica Books; letters from Anton Artaud to Anais Nin; Arthur Brown at UFO club; Social Deviants at Happening 44 ad; Diggers in London; John Lee Hooker interviewed by Maxin Zwemmer, (he says Bob Dylan has no soul) it17 July 28 - Aug 13 1967: Original issue: Time Is On Our Side - following the Stones bust; Allen Ginsberg cover, chanting mantras at Legalise Pot Rally in Hyde Park; Rolling Stones Bust - Richards, Jagger, Robert Fraser arrest; Interview with Michael Abdul Malik( Michael X) by Richard Alpert; Dialectics Of Liberation conference / event; Objections to the Third World (there should be one); Alexander Trocchi - "Junkie to the Queen"; John Furnival concrete poem; review of The People Show, UFO Club; Exploding Galaxy and The Arts Lab; Kleptomania; Yoko Ono Bottom film No. International times is a fact of life*woven in order as cords on a loom*all astute men can see IT encircling, with splendour to trace out and bind together with the sun under it all as lacquer in sunlight*to unscrew the inscrutable***If you mind your own business they (the phonies) will fade out before they have to be druv**Get rid of flimsy foundations Of heaven earth and things without shadows***cut the cackle* and do not believe em* IT observes the weather, hears thunder seeks to include, free from all possessiveness in affections* Keep mind on the root..*Take care of the body as an implement; it is useful*to shield you from floods**and rascality*shallow prides spend their time slanting rumours keeping things off center and blabber-mouth**Courage only comes*when one knows to what extent, courage is universal*the participant is the best observer*what is worth knowing cannot be taught**Let the phallus perceive its aim***Looking at the sky is leading us to new patterns of thought::: Approaching AD., A.

So, why not start with a bad stuff – I am impulsive and restless at times, I can’t kill a fly, I cried twice like a girl when I watched “Notebook,” I cuss too often, and stay up way too late way too often. And what made you weak in your knees from joy and pleasure? … continue reading »

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These live stars spend the day licking, rubbing, fingering and fucking and now you can be there for every moment of the action!… continue reading »

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