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Its amazing that Barksdale and friends opened their collective cry baby mouths at all. the moment there's controls and restrictions introduced, a competitive situation is no longer competition. " All those who are proponents of governmental interference and controls upon the competitive process in the world of computing must now brace themselves as they will easily see everything become twice if not three times as expensive, bloated and rife with runaway redundancy.

After all, if MS and Windows were NOT there, Netscape would never have been thought of let alone conceived. After all is said and done, we must take a lesson from history. Now, on to some sensibility; This issue is the third we've produced in html.

Where did most of the DRAM, SIMM, DIMM, SDRAM and other CHIP development and production remain? Second, the growth was slowed to a snail's pace with those companies that remained within said juridiction thus yeilding the real growth factor and ultimate profits (no mentioning of Careers and jobs) to the relocated entities. Of course nobody bothered to make mention of the gouging CARTELS we pointed out last week. Of Special Note: STReport is now ready to offer much more in the way of serving the Networks, Online Services and Internet's vast, fast growing site list and userbase.

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Unfortunately, we've also received a number of opinions that the UUENCODING was a real pain to deal with.Jacobson Compaq 1Q Seen Below Expectations Personal computer maker Compaq Computer Corp.