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What the hell were Erin Andrews and Les Miles staring at during the pre-game interview? Yep, that's Greg's sister and she was a little pissed after the first game. Joe Kinsey We've profiled this Bama Superfan's® truck before on BC and figured he just rolled around Tuscaloosa with the same display day after day. The dude behind the Bama Truck actually redesigned his ride to reflect tonight's BCS matchup. Ever wanted to see an elephant stomping on a tiger? Joe Kinsey By now someone at work has asked you whether you've seen the passing yards that Tebow last night. Technically, Nick Saban's head is below sea-level in New Orleans at 5'6. Ever wanted to see an elephant hanging a tiger at the gallows? The more hot chicks associated with your sport as a wife or girlfriend, the better. You get this tweet and a couple others where he starts asking if she has a sister.And now it's up to Cleveland's Sports Time Ohio to get Brittany on TV as much as possible. Joe Kinsey Thanks to the superb research of @Sportsfeeder1 we learn of a certain MLB Hall of Famer who played in Boston and Tampa who happened to be in Mexico last week. She'll be lucky to get out of that room without getting knocked up. Monty Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos dispatched the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime on Sunday.Pizza and beer, Batman and Robin, athletes and Playmates, some things in life just go together and it’s no secret one of those things is professional athletes and an abundance of beautiful women.

Stevens was Playboy's Playmate of the month for June 1997 and dated KISS drummer Eric Carr up until his death in 1991.

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