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Chelsea's visions of Ford and feelings of guilt haunted her and put a strain on her and Nick's relationship.Ford's father suspected that Chelsea and the girls were responsible for Ford's disappearance.The truth eventually came out but Chelsea's grandfather, Victor, convinced Ford's father not to press charges.Nick and Chelsea once again reunited and when the story-line in Ireland wrapped up, Chelsea learned that her grandfather, Shawn Senior, had died a hero on the plane from Ireland. Coming off as Abby’s sweet and innocent best friend, Chelsea was surreptitiously encouraging Abby to smoke, drink, and lie.

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She took driving lessons to appease Bo and was eventually given car privileges on New Years Eve.

Stephanie convinced Chelsea to join a sorority at Salem University and they became close friends with her sorority sisters.

When rape crimes ensued at the University, Chelsea learned that one of her sorority sisters, Cordy, was raped by campus rapist, Ford Decker.

Frightened, Chelsea turned to her good old friend Nick to steal the hairbrush so Bo wouldn’t find out about it.

Nick, afraid that Chelsea was lying, went to Willow who tried to steal the hairbrush from Nick and ultimately died in the ensuing struggle.Her mother has tried to repair the relationship, but things are still icy between them.