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23-Jun-2020 01:32

Though the connection might not be as effortless, there is less chance of codependency, energy matching, or boredom.

My client June and her partner Jessica are a good example.

A conscious choice to find someone who was in polarity to her brought Jessica into her life.

Jessica is very independent, more type A than June, and very focused on her work.

But most often, the relationship ends, and the friendship is never the same.

I saw Luisa several months later at a social event and asked her how it was going. It never felt right.” The relationship had drifted into a pattern similar to that of their friendship, which was easy, but now became underlaid by stress because they weren’t having sex.June is the type that gives and gives and energetically likes to merge with her partners.This had gotten her into a lot of messy, co-dependent relationships in the past.“We’ve hung out for so long, and the relationship is just so easy,” she told me.

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“Lately I’ve been kind of looking at him like, hmmmm … Like Harry Met Sally, you know.” Of course, Luisa has free will, and I wouldn’t tell her what to do.

She loves June deeply and has fully opened her heart to her. It’s like our places of challenge are also the places that bring out the best in us.” Of course, people can be too dissimilar, and this doesn’t work well over time. They agree on whether or not to parent and are respectful of each other and their differences.