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23-Jan-2020 05:23

Realizing that it was OK to not want a relationship was so incredibly freeing.So I began following my passions, including signing up for a 50-mile bike race and pursuing choral music. And after that, it was just understood that we were together.There's a moment I always dread whenever I'm with a group of women.

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It was actually a really strained point in our marriage. Luckily, it took only a few months of trying, and once I got pregnant, things settled back into our version of normal.

I had a boyfriend in freshman year of high school because everyone in my social circle was getting into relationships. I experimented a bit my freshman year but felt the same feeling I'd had with my high school boyfriend. Again, I was super-busy and had lots of friends, so it was really easy to ignore the fact that I wasn't attracted to anyone.

I liked him as a person but hated kissing him—I can still conjure up the feeling of disgust. I thought that my romantic life would fall into place after I graduated, once life slowed down a little.

It wasn't until I hit 30 that things changed dramatically.

Everyone seemed to be getting married and having kids, and I was still a virgin.I'd been on a few incredibly awkward dates, but none had developed beyond that.

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