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There will be pockets of liberal thought and liberal resistance, but conservatism is about to enjoy a resurgence as extremists burn out even the most ardent sock wearing, Birkenstock shod, parents in Oregon with their continual assaults on society with their lack of discipline and nouveau-avant-garde liberal stunt-ages, un-cleverly disguised as freedoms-of-expression.All things reach an acme, for liberal thought it was Election 2008.Whatever car being driven, a cell phone to the ear is the requisite accessory, despite the law against it. When my kids run ahead of me on the paths in Lithia Park, I imagine they would taste sweet and juicy in the jaws of a mountain lion.Ask anyone in Ashland and he’s likely to tell you a really good story about a near-death experience with a four-legged beast. We’re well known for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival but the best plays are often the more contemporary ones.The reality of implementing liberal ideas in government in 2009 and beyond comes with the revelation that gaining liberal consensus is much more difficult than herding cats and much less likely than taming badgers.Because of the now disparate nature of many core beliefs, liberals simply cannot effectively govern.The man said he had walked from Lava Lands Visitor Center to Benham Falls and back while naked.

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With nowhere to go, except past 14, 15, and beyond on the volume knob, liberalism is quickly replacing its once viable compassionate reason with more volume and diametrically opposing ideas; ideological difficulties which are not easy to overcome with lurking massive deficits and growing taxpayer unrest.

Such exuberance was quickly snuffed out by the harsh realities of the Great Depression, Nazism, the bleak existence most families found themselves in, and the eventual national commitment to a two front war.

There was scant time available for dalliances with anything that wasn’t practical and immediate.

Rumor has it Californians sell their Bay Area 2-bedroom bungalow for 0,000 to buy a palace in Ashland with money to spare.

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There’s a sense—whether real or perceived—that Californians artificially inflate the housing market. I’ve never seen so many of both coexist in one place.1) Ashlanders swallow their E’s or pronounce them as I’s, especially in the middle of a word.

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