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18-Oct-2020 01:26

Although the online address makes the company appear to be registered in the UK (be2uk), it is actually based in Luxembourg.

Its practices are considered illegal by the Danish Consumer Council.

(1) Name of circle (publisher group) representative (2)Pronunciation of name of circle (publisher group) representative (3)Cellphone number (Cellphone numbers have been required to register as of March, 2011) (4)Email address (PC email address is recommended.) (5)Password set by the user 【Important】Change of the representative name and pronunciation cannot be accepted after registration.

(Change of the last name due to marriage is accepted.) 【Important】When registering a new account, an authentication email is sent to the email address you entered.

Today seems like a good day to round it up ;) Short answer: we want a system that saves us time on website… Most of our efforts, though, are now focused on b2evolution v7. All the questions raised by the Danish journalist in the programme have since been addressed by the company.be2 made several changes to its service in Denmark in response to the programme.Whether you need cheap hosting for a few blogs, VPS or Cloud hosting for a more advanced site or even a dedicated server for a large community site, we have put together all the info you need to get started with your website hosting.

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Some time ago, I got asked why we are making b2evolution. The journalist Troels Jørgensen from TV station DR has rated BE2's matching system as flawed.