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In the episode, Prom-ise Her Anything, when Babs hints to Buster about taking her to the prom, he nervously retreats from her, not because he doesn't want to go with her, but because he doesn't know how to dance.

While Babs waits impatiently and anxiously in her burrow for Buster to ask her out, Buster is at the Acme Looniversity Film Vault, trying to learn some dance moves from the Bugs Bunny cartoon, Hot Cross Bunny.

He takes her to the prom in the episode, Prom-ise Her Anything, and also has a date with her in the Dating, Acme Acres Style episode segment, Buster's Guide to Dating.

In the second wraparound to the episode, Love Disconnection, when Buster (as the host) interviews Babs about her ideal boyfriend, he slyly remarks to the viewers, "as if I didn't already know", indicating he knows Babs is attracted to him.

As the Co-hosts of the series, it would make sense for Buster and Babs to be a couple, due to their adventures together without their friends.

Despite some of the conflicts that occured in a few episodes that almost costed their friendship, they've always managed to mend their friendship and love each other no matter what.

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Second of three sons of Ken Babbs and Paula Sundstern (aka "Gretchen Fetchin the Slime Queen") who were two of Ken Kesey's "Merry Pranksters".

Durrell 'Tank' Babbs was born on January 1, 1976 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA as Durrell Babbs.