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It also, as the other poster hinted, is a tad suspicious when at least one of the hopefuls displays a characteristic/trait that the girl/guy choosing states as one of their pet hates.All very amusing and entertaining (if you've a mental age lower than five, and hence lack the intelligence to see through).A week on, and they return, complete with footage of their holiday, and their verdict on one another. Gullible viewers believe that the guy/girl choosing asks three questions of his/her own choice, to which the three hopefuls of the opposite sex reply with their own responses.The more cynical viewer, however, will surely realize that the contestants rarely fail to offer a witty, intelligent reply with remarkable spontaneity, despite often looking a sandwich short of a picnic.He is a dedicated workaholic who lives and breathes his work. She is an accomplished pianist working on her big-break concert. See full summary » The original British version of the quiz show that's become a worldwide hit.Host asks hopeful contestants a series of questions, each more difficult than the last. See full summary » A mysterious accident, missing money, dodgy deals and looted treasure propel a bookish Briton into a partnership with a tough, female, bounty hunter from New York in this comedy action/adventure series.When Danny finally realizes that he is falling for Leeza, she tells him she cannot see him anymore because she has been promised in an arranged marriage. Perkins (Stephen Tobolowsky) advise him to continue because it is his only chance of seeing, and soon Danny is successfully operated on.

It could well be that the contestants haven't met the member/s of the opposite sex before the show is filmed, but they've certainly been informed as to the questions and the 'correct' responses to which.

And then Danny finds out about a risky new operation that could give him the ability to see again.