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07-Nov-2019 23:35

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So, if a Bronxite loves you, they’ll shout it from the rooftops.

Time to settle the century long debate, The Bronx has the best pizza in New York City.

A Bronxite will know the best places to take you for a more sophisticated date, if that’s your thing.

Most of the people living in the Bronx grew up there, and The Bronx was their playground throughout their childhood.

Expect a Bronxite to know the perfect words to say in most situations. Just hope that if a ball gets hit in your direction, they’ll have their glove ready to snag it before it smacks you in the face. Bronxites love their lives and everything about it—Forbes rated it the happiest place in New York and 12th happiest place in the country.

When you’re dating someone from The Bronx, it’s hard to keep this positivity from rubbing off on you.

Bronxites have been dropping sweet rhymes for decades and they’re not slowing down. Nothing is more electric than heading to The Stadium with a real fan.The Bronx Dating and Relationships group is for anyone interested in building a successful relationship and meeting better quality dating partners. I started this group to meet people and try to empower them to find and meet people that is a great fit for them, so they can build a stronger connection and healthy relationship.We will be developing events such as Movies, Dinner Dates, Walks in the Park, and more things outside that are fun just for singles and married couples as well. *Drops the mic.* But seriously places like Louie and Ernie’s, New Yankee SK Pizza, and Zero Otto Nove don’t serve pizza so much as cheesy slices of heaven.

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So when your Bronxite says, “How about pizza and movie tonight, babe,” you say, “” One of the first things that becomes apparent in a trip to the Bronx is how loud the city streets are.

It’s not the same as going to one of the more crowded, dirtier beaches in other boroughs.