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Typically, a Master's Degree in chemistry is required because of the extensive lab work.

Increasingly though, students are learning about the principles of radiocarbon dates in archaeology, palaeontology and climate science degrees and can combine cross-disciplinary studies.

It also has some applications in geology; its importance in dating organic materials cannot be underestimated enough.

In 1979, Desmond Clark said of the method “we would still be foundering in a sea of imprecisions sometime bred of inspired guesswork but more often of imaginative speculation” (3).

Radiocarbon dating is simply a measure of the level of C isotopes in the atmosphere can vary.

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Very old trees such as North American Bristlecone Pine are ideal for constructing long and accurate records of the state of the atmosphere.AMS counts the quantity of C isotope is constantly formed in the upper atmosphere thanks to the effects of cosmic rays on nitrogen-14 atoms.

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