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11-Dec-2019 11:41

Allen enjoys swimming, driving the family RV and the great outdoors. Loud Spanish music, passionate albiet drunkenly sloppy kisses in the center of the crowd. I guess I expected to feel a little more, of I don’t know how exactly I learned these.Often when relationships begin with the romance, the friendship is never able to develop and couples find themselves with people they don’t really know. Well first, one has to limit the amount of contact to allow the relationship to have time to grow.Starting out a friendship with someone by spending part of everyday together would clearly promote an emotional attachment.

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All too often, men are unaware of the roller coaster of emotions that his affections towards a girl will send her on.

Thus, they will only end up with hurt feelings because you can only hold hands and kiss for so long before you lust for more intimacy.

Romantic relationships can only be satisfied for so long, whereas friendships can be maintained for a lifetime or at least until you are both ready to seek out your lifelong helpmate. Relationship gossip to teenagers is like a kid in a candy store.

My daughter Ellen has had her share of dealing with emotional chastity in her relationships and has experienced what it is like when relationships are not kept emotionally chaste.

She says, “Even though emotional chastity can often times be harder to maintain then physical chastity, it is so important!If you become romantically drawn to a friend, don’t share it with them or your friends right away. They’ll eat it up and consume all of their time with “Who likes who?

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