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According to series creator Laurie Nunn, this was done deliberately in an effort to make the story universal.follows Butterfield’s awkward Otis, who teams up with a classmate to create an underground sex therapy clinic, spurring from the knowledge passed down over the years from his sex therapist mother Jean, played by Anderson.“I’ve always been really frustrated that the British school experience is never portrayed with positivity or color or warmth or hope; it always tends to be sticking two fingers up and saying, ‘I’m out of here as soon as I graduate,’” Taylor said.Also, fan favorite Queen Bilquis was very present in the finale so it was a perfect time to chat with Yetide Badaki to get her take on what we saw transpire and how Bilquis has weathered this crazy season.Plus, she breaks down the meaning of In a general sense, how would you put into words the finale and how things have wrapped up for Season 2?Come see a show, and if you haven't subscribed to this show, please do so now and share it on your socials. Like most artists, Jade is on a journey of discovery. Live from the 1st annual All Things Comedy festival in Phoenix, AZ.I sit down with Ari Shaffir and Jayson Thibault and talk about the festival and childhood stories and much more.Our comedic chemistry is so in tune we can talk about really... Jade Catta-Preta is a talented comedian/actress who is originally form Brazil.

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has been on the air, viewers became used to not fully understanding what's playing out in front of them but, as the finale proved, it's always a hell of a ride, leaving you with much to chew on.While everybody is scrambling trying to get a queen, while they're all playing games, she starts to maneuver along a completely different board.She's not just thinking outside of the box, there is no box for Bilquis.And it's not the kind you're thinking of so take off those judgment caps (if that's a thing) and check this episode out with an open mind. Wendi Starling is a good friend and hands down one of the funniest people I know.

We make each other laugh so much and this episode is full of ridiculous tangents that spin off of very serious topics.

We discuss childhood, the teen years and how she first discovered a...