Controlling behavior dating men

02-Jan-2020 08:08

Decision-making can be a difficult thing, and there are so many choices to make every day.If you decide for yourself, you have to live with the consequences of your decisions.It's easy to lose track of what you want when you're accustomed to letting others control you.You may even come to believe that you want what they want.When we control ourselves despite our occasional self-destructive impulses, we can work towards having, doing, and being what makes us happy in the long run. A person with a controlling personality typically suffers from high levels of anxiety.Source: images.However, if you've ever had to deal with someone else trying to control you, you've been faced with a loss of control within yourself as you gave in to what someone else wanted. If a man is controlling your life, you don't have to sit back and let it happen. Understand Controlling Personality Types Before you can deal with controlling men, it helps to understand what they're doing and why they're doing it. However, instead of addressing this problem directly and learning to overcome it, they attempt to solve their problem by controlling every aspect of their lives, including people. There is no entry for 'controlling personality disorder' in the DSM-5. The 5 Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual used in the psychological professions says this about personality disorders: 'The essential features of a personality disorder are impairments in personality (self and interpersonal) functioning and the presence of pathological personality traits.' While controlling personality hasn't been listed in the DSM-5 so far, it's easy to see why it might eventually be added.There are many very understandable reasons why letting someone else control you might seem okay at first.

You might be in a position that allows you to avoid the influence of controlling men.Since no two people are exactly alike, it's extremely unlikely that you always want exactly what someone else wants.So, the first step towards getting the life you want might be to find out what kind of life that would be.Experts will decide whether controlling personality disorder will be added to the list.

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However, there are some other diagnoses that often have controlling tendencies, these include Narcissism and Antisocial Personality Disorder, both are associated with a lack of empathy for others and bad tempers.Many controlling people often have substance abuse issues and problems with impulse control and anger management.

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