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Labour can have it if they want it, but so far they have not sought il A ny members who object can have their names removed from the list" Conservative Central Office said: “We often buy in membership lists.

They object to the ban on hunting while Labour do not We will send our mafling list to any reputable organis¬ ation.

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- -fyj a ...nonrpolitical organisation formedfo fight for rural Britain, . David Smith, the assistant registrar, said: “We would not regard a political party as a related good or service.

If you do not wish to receive these; tide the box." But last night the Data Protection Registrar, winch controls the transfer of personal details from one organis¬ ation^ to another, announced an inquiry.

names to Tory Central Office, which ■ , fedetected to pay a total of £10.000. “From time tr time you may be s^in Jbrmatf..'n fr n.rdated organ¬ isations about related goods and services.

66,191 SATURDAY MAY 2 1998 Tories cash in on the afei. It is a cheek." But a spokesman for the Country¬ side Alliance said: "We will not kick the Conservatives in tire teeth.

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They have sold out on genuine rural interests and cannot daim to represent the countryside." One supporter of the Countryside Alliance, who declined to'be named, said: "I was furious to get a letter from William Hague. 1 would objected equally if tile letter came from Tony Blair.

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