Database ease of updating

27-Sep-2020 11:56

It allows the use of partitions to improve efficiency, replication and even certain versions support the administration of distributed databases.

The server can be run on a multitude of operating systems.

- Staff with knowledge in Oracle is equally expensive, information costs money!

database ease of updating-9

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It's quite complicated to learn and definitely complicated to master, but it provides you with enough tools to do complicated tasks quite easily.

It has tools that make the backup of the database very simple. Overall: Really for me it has been very satisfactory to develop applications with this DBMS, because it has made the work more pleasant and simple, besides having the peace of mind that the database is very secure Pros: - Allows the management of relational databases from very simple to large volumes of data.

Great capacity to restore the database and very fast recovery, in addition to having a wide type of data which facilitates the design of the database Cons: What I like least is that it is a bit expensive. A common mistake is to think that it is enough to install Oracle on a server and directly plug in client applications. - Because it is relational, the PL / SQL language is used. - It has all the functionalities that a DBA would like to have for the management, control and performance of the databases.

- For DBA without experience, a configuration is complicated by the amount of details that must be consider.

- If you do not have a graphical interface to work with Oracle, you should have knowledge in commands to work in consoles or terminals.

Some of the very sophisticated features are only available for enterprise version of Oracle Database which is quite costly.

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