Dating after a vastectomy interparental conflict adolescent dating relationships

05-Jun-2020 02:20

A vasectomy does indeed leave one or more scars, but they are often very small and can be nearly impossible to see once the incisions have fully healed.Further complicating things is that fact that a man’s scrotal skin is wrinkly and often covered with hair.

The only way to be 100% certain a man has had a successful vasectomy is by having a semen analysis performed by a laboratory.As mentioned previously, many men never go back for a post-vasectomy semen analysis.While the success rates of vasectomy are very high, there’s simply no way to be sure until the sperm count results are in.When a woman begins seeing a man who claims to have had a vasectomy, she may wish to verify this by looking for a scar or other evidence of the procedure.

It’s natural to assume that locating an incision or detecting abnormalities in a man’s ejaculatory fluid can provide clues as to whether a man has had a vasectomy.This operation is performed with a sharp pair of forceps that puncture the scrotal skin rather than slicing it open.

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