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27-Aug-2020 17:46

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It felt good to call a girl beautiful, have it said back to me, and see it strengthen our connection instead of weakening it.It felt good to interact with girls who put in a little more effort to keep a conversation going.He recently took his first trip abroad and agreed to sit down and answer some of my questions about his time in…Brazil.I think we all have that faraway land we idealize in our own head for some time until we finally make a point to see it for ourselves. So fair warning, I probably had rose-colored glasses on for parts of the trip.Tinder, Instagram, and Google Translate is the trifecta of apps that a non-Portuguese speaking man can use to get a ridiculous amount of dates lined up.We all know Tinder is mostly dead for regular guys in the U. I was blown away by both the quality and quantity of Brazilian girls I matched with because it simply just doesn’t happen in the American Tinder world. It was also a huge relief to see that sugar dating has not penetrated South America the way it has the United States. Of A., that line is becoming blurred by Seeking Arrangement (a sugar dating site that has only a small amount of users in Brazil, comparatively)On Tinder, I’d ask Brazilian girls something like, They’d answer and then ask me the same question and I’d tell them “Brazil! My friends say that I have a good heart, because I am used to helping them if they need it. This helps me to be more confident in myself, I am a attractive lady with great energy. My house is clean, cozy and I am Clinton gerena by name I am a soldier and I work with the US government I am a man of integrity I am caring and loving I am honest I am 5.

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Rio is the most naturally beautiful city I’ve ever seen. Even though some of the American luxuries and conveniences aren’t there, the people seemed happier and healthier.I told a few girls, “You deserve better than a tourist who’s only in town for a week,” which is a pretty radical shift from the way I’ve approached casual travel dating in American cities. Mugging is an issue if you walk through the favelas or walk alone on a quiet street at night.It’s a little rough around the edges but you know that going in. A lot of people who have lived in Rio for a few years have a mugging story. Since my Portuguese wasn’t that good, I didn’t go out to the bars on my own.With most American girls, you have to be highly entertaining, exceedingly witty, and even pornographic all at exactly the right times to hold their interest for a fleeting moment.

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With Brazilian girls, I felt like I could drop the script and be myself a bit more and *gasp* even show affection and call them beautiful without them pulling away like American girls tend to do.Worldly, cultured, generous, experienced, adaptable, educated, family oriented, loyal, respectful, respectable, curious, compassionate, I am a quiet, honest and loyal man.

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