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Looks and acts like the same type of rayon made with other cellulose fibres. Batiste – A fine, soft, opaque plain tabby-weave fabric. These days, it can be made in cotton, wool, polyester or a blend. Bergére – low crowned, wide-brimmed hat, usually of straw, but sometimes made of other materials covered in silk. See also marmottes, pastoralism, Gainsborough hats & picture hats.

Bemberg or bemberg silk – a manufactured natural fibre of the rayon family, made from cellulose dissolved in an cuprammonium solution. Bizarre silks – European woven silks featuring large, asymmetrical, fantastical floral designs which were Oriental in inspiration, vivid colours, and an emphasis on the diagonal ‘serpentine line.’ mid 1690s to the 1720s Blonde lace – Originally a specific style of continuous bobbin lace made in France from natural, undyed (blonde) silk thread imported from China, later lace of any colour made in that style.

Style seen 1720-1790, 1860-1930, term used 1950s-present Bagheera – fine, uncut pile velvet with a rough ‘crepe’ pile.

It was originally made of silk, but after the introduction of cellulose fabrics it could be made of rayon. Balmacaan – A single-breasted, unstructured calf-length overcoat with raglan sleeves and a Prussian collar, usually made of tweed or gabardine.

Bamboo fabric, or bamboo linen – fabrics made from mechanically processed bamboo, having a stiff, coarse, linen-like feel.

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Bosom friend – a shaped tippet of wool, flannel, or fur, and later a knitted scarf, which kept the chest warm and served as a bust enhancer for less well endowed women. It has a distinctive tight, whorled, loopy surface with its slight sheen. Broadtail – the glossy, tightly curled fleece of the fetal or newborn karakul lamb. Linen was sold unbleached, and higher quality linen would be bleached, which cheaper, coarser linen would be left ‘brown’ and used for undergarments and summer clothes by the poor. Burnous – (also burnoose and bournouse) a full, hooded cloak, often decorated with embroidery and tassels and inspired by the burnous worn as part of the uniform of the Spahi.

Before 1890 a Chesterfield coat was exclusively a male garment, but in the 20th century women’s coats and jackets have also been done with Chesterfield styling. China grass – the China grass cloth – a fabric made from woven, un-gummed strips of white ramie/china grass in Asia.