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This can produce deviant, unprecedented, and explosive ways of structuring space.While having been adopted as a tool for architectural and social engagement, Minecraft’s popularity grew based on a gravity-free, near-infinite environment with its own complex fictional material economy.In Ettore Sottsass developed a trippy collection of drawings for a post-work society exploring the depths of human pleasure.The Italian radicals such as Superstudio and Archizoom designed mobile systems, reconfigurable cities, and ran nightclubs.

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As such, to see games as “follies” or simply entertainment is not necessarily a deficit of the medium.

Players become commandos-cum-architects where the rapid and precise building of enclosure is as potent a weapon as the crosshairs of the virtual gun.

His declining health forced him to withdraw from the project not longer afterwards, but not before connecting me with the late Chuck Wright, who was very active on the Peterson boards and with then-Sacramento Pipe Club president Gary Malmberg.… continue reading »

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