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When he is forced into larger brace system, he finds that the novelty quickly disappears, leaving him the object of ridicule for years.

Michelle teaches the twins how to sweep, apparently passing Danny's spring-cleaning tradition onto them as well. Fifth-grader Stephanie's friend Josh asks her if she wants to go with him and the rest of the baseball team to a pizza parlor and just hang out. J.'s help, Stephanie makes the mistake of thinking that it will be more than just hanging out – it will be her first date.

When he is forced to wear a brace, he is spoiled by everyone.

But when his back is fixed, he continues to wear the brace for attention until he finds that his neck muscles have atrophied and can no longer support his head.

The two have a chat about if, when, how, and how long to kiss (as the inspirational music plays).

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As they leave, the guys congratulate themselves for getting him back to his old self, having set him up with a hooker before he hooked up with serial killer roaming Quahog.I just bought the latest issue of Teen Week, 'Three Easy Steps to Make Your First Date Unforgettable.' Kimmy: Mine sure was: Chinese food, a movie, and my first ride in a police car. [focusing back on the magazine] 'Step #1: Dress to accentuate your best features.' Kimmy: So you'll be wearing a mask.