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28-Jan-2020 11:22

They know it’s comfortable but it’s oh so predictable and boring.

They’ve become too comfortable in their own space yet know that they’d like more in the form of a new relationship.

This soon became a nightmare - 52 cards plus the blanks per box...

We'll show the whole stand then but for now if you've tagged #ayearofdates in your pics see if you can spot yourself on our Insta wall 👀 Now to relax and unwind before we see what the next few days have in store... There were ribbons to tie and each box was built as I went along...

Wishing things were different isn’t going to make anything happen.

You’ve got to be proactive and make the changes you want in your life.

Do you long for a relationship yet are paralysed with fear? Many come to me because they long to be in a relationship but are terrified of meeting someone new, they tell me the fear is holding them back.

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They’re scared of moving out of the security of their comfort zone.

I still do it though because I’ve learned to use the fear to my advantage!