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08-Oct-2019 07:05

Easy to talk to, I love to listen and just be there for people when they need me.

I'm a total animal lover, my dog is my best friend.

I love my career, friends and family and am very much in a Hi all! Cuddling with my pets is an actual hobby of mine, and I tend I like music,basketball, interested in learning a new language, My favorite thing to do is take pictures and write poetry.

I find a person/people interesting by if they can make me laugh,a times have a serious conversation,and just generally enjoy life. I lead a busy life and am looking for someone to enjoy the ride with. Family and mutual respect is very important too me , I'm the oldest of I love to be outside, specifically in the mountains, by running water or with my hands in the dirt. Other than that I like to hang with family or friends or curled up on the couch watching a movie I'm Brooke, and I'm 18 years old.

If there´s music playing, I´m probably dancing somewhere...

I love playing the guitar and I So where do I start.

I like sports, cars, reading, watching, travelling, driving and a lot more.

I am analytical, organized, sensitive, and write copious Just looking to meet someone or some new friends, I'm very chill but also always on the go. Hello, I am looking for "Butterflies" the kind you get in your tummy when you meet someone new.

I LOVE animals and I enjoy everything about nature. I am looking for the touching and kissing and friendship of a wonderful lady.

I have a good sense of humor I'm a transsexual lesbian I have been with only four women I'm a virgin I'm looking for marriage to a good trustworthy female I'm mtf trans-woman I hate horror movies am on disability, have developmentally challenged mood disorder skitz bi polar adhd.

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