Dating prs guitar serial number

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The Q stands for a 0 and the N is a 7, which means . For example: PX267 This was the 67th guitar made in October 1999.For the period of 1997-1999 the same system is used as that for "Custom Shop 1991-1996" except that the unit number starts at 501 with the exception of 701. From 2001 to present they uses a system with 3 letters, 3 digits, 1 letter. The third letter represents the month and the 3 digits are the number of the unit.(serial number) The last letter is an internal factory code For example: QJH055B This would be the 55th guitar that was built in January 2003.Yamaha maintains a messy serial number system whose coding often occurs complicated and illogical.

At the end of 2001, Kaohsiung changed the 8-digit system into a 3-letter 6-number system. In the period of 1990-1996 an eight-digit serial number was used in this factory. From 1997-1999 the same system is applied here as for 1990-1996, except that there are now 9 digits.

An eight-number system is applied here from 1971-2001 The first digit represents the year. The fourth and fifth numbers represent the day of the month.

The last three digits are the number of the unit (serial number) Because there is only one digit for the year, there are duplicates with this system because it repeats itself every decade.

The last 3 digits represent the number of the unit (serial number).

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For example: K8123 This would be a guitar built in April 1988 and the 12th guitar of that day made in the custom shop.A nice and simple 6-digit system is used in the period from 1969 to1984. The next two digits represent the month and the last two digits represent the number of the unit (serial number).