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The ages of the deposits were determined using both electron spin resonance, which measures how many electrons have accumulated in certain materials since burial, and magnetostratigraphy, which dates layers of rock to known periods of flip-flop in Earth’s polarity.

The dates obtained also agree with timeframes for animals identified from the bones unearthed during the excavations.

In the older deposit, the team found 17 artifacts, including cores and flakes, thin pieces of stone broken off to create sharp edges on the core tools.

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The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria (Al Jaza'ir in the local format) is found in North Africa bordering Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali and Mauritania.

Algeria was a French colony that gained independence in 1962.

The majority of its population practice Sunni Islam.

In both deposits, limb bones from animals were the most common remains found.

Several of the bones feature marks from cutting or smashing using stone tools, which is consistent with skinning, defleshing and marrow retrieval, all associated with butchering a carcass.Stone tools and animal bones with cut marks, excavated at a site in eastern Algeria, are up to 2.4 million years old, the oldest archaeological evidence in North Africa and one of the oldest known examples of butchery.