Dating small talk tips

21-Oct-2019 22:48

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Second, I would memorize topics that I could talk about.These two approaches worked very well together ensuring that (at least on first dates) there were never any awkward pauses.Use empathic reflecting skills“The next level of Rogerian communication involves restating what you heard or at least what you you heard.This will show that you’ve been listening and will also allow your conversation partner to clarify if in fact you are way off in your judgment of what you thought you heard.” 3.The topics don’t have to be weighty nor do they have to involve in-depth expertise.” 9.Know when not to talk“You might think it’s great to while away the boring hours on a long airplane ride by conversing with your seat neighbor.

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Mostly because I’m naturally introverted (like, very introverted) and I used to hate striking up conversations with people I didn’t know. Not wanting to give up my dreams of working on film sets, I was basically forced into learning how to master this skill.

The topics you choose should not solely be there to fill in empty space.