Dating south okanagan

14-May-2020 03:53

When the lake is a little low, you can spy a "propeller graveyard" sitting just below the waterline.

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This area should be avoided when the wind blows hard out of the south. During certain months of the year, water funnels or spouts can be witnessed rising hundreds of feet into the air off this point. Here you can find a boat launch, boat fuel, restaurants, groceries, liquor store, artisan's shops and some public docks.

Squally Point is said to be where Ogopogo lives in a deep cave.

History tells us the local Indians paddled over from their Westside settlements near Peachland to offer sacrifices to the legendary sea monster, thereby ensuring their own safe passage across the rough and windy waters.

There are a few mooring buoys just north of it, right below Wild Horse Canyon.

An outcropping of amazing steep cliffs look down upon you before you round Squally Point.Just north of Naramata is the beginning of Okanagan Mountain Park, the area where destructive fires raged in the summer 2003.