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15-Sep-2019 17:45

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I think [rejection] can happen because [of] your disability and for other reasons as well, and sometimes it’s hard to keep that apart. DS: The more journals or papers or magazines that publish about it, the more exposure it gets…

We also need people with disabilities in commercials [and] magazine advertisements for beauty, cosmetics, and fashion.

The opposite side of the argument is: Don’t put it there, and let them get to know you. It’s just like people being dishonest with their age, weight or marital status. DS: I talk with my clients about how rejection is a huge part of everyone’s dating experience.

Everyone has been rejected, and it feels awful, and it happens more than we want it to happen. And that’s super great because how many people know someone who’s nonverbal and needs a computer to speak? The general public, on a very personal level, can open their mind and give somebody with disability a chance to be their partner. Most people are unhappy in their romantic relationships and unhappy with their sex lives. Since I started in 2012, we’ve seen more and more media exposure. I get more and more fan mail saying, “That sexual part of me was dormant for a long time, and I saw the PBS Special, and it really stirred things up for me.” That’s an important part for me. Sheypuk runs a successful private practice in Manhattan and is currently accepting new clients and accepts some insurances (Skype appointments available if out of state).

Therefore, people don’t in general make that association.

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Online connection however doesn't always meet our social needs or ward off loneliness.I’m against the idea that people with disabilities should only date people with disabilities …Just because we’re both in wheelchairs doesn’t mean we have anything in common.” So then they quickly think, “How would we get around? [For example], when some guy asks you something personal about your disability: Do you want to answer it? So we work on those types of things, boosting self esteem [and] recognizing that you’re someone beautiful who has a lot to offer. [We also look at] what you are looking for in a partner.

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At the same time, we need the general public to come around too. Make sure to add details that uniquely describe you and your personality.

I mean, I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend and God.… continue reading »

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