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This method is designed to hack into a woman’s mind and tap into her ‘hot emotions’ in order for her to feel immediate attraction for you without consciously thinking about it.This seduction system is intended to help men: - Get out of the “friend zone” and become a lover - Turn a casual friend or co-worker into a devoted lover - Develop power over women and make them fall in love - Improve their existing relationship knowing how she thinks and feels - Expand and explore their dating choices without drama and confusion - Who are getting back into the game and want to improve their dating skills - Instantly generate attraction without using lame pickup lines and “openers” Module 1: Fractionation Mind Control and extreme persuasion methods to make a woman quickly fall in love, including examples of scripts to immediately on the woman you want to seduce.Genuinely original stuff which I've never seen before (I have pretty much every program which is based on hypnosis) and the ideas can be too novel even for an old hand like me.The routines are legit but they do require some practice before using them.Set your expectations right and you will reap the benefits.Not for aspiring "pickup artists" as it won't help you chat up a woman on the dance floor on a dingy club.

- Detailed FAQ Section - The five elements of a good Intrigue Story - Exploit the female brain so she is intrigued by you - How to ignite her passions and transfer them to you - How to exploit her built-in fascination for esoteric beliefs - Why being ambiguous will automatically increase your desirability - A mind hack technique that makes a woman eager to talk to you - A psychological flaw that makes women vulnerable to mind control - How to expertly capture her attention with a subtle, power technique - Control a woman’s emotions by guiding and influencing her "intuition" - Shogun Sequences used to invoke desired emotions in a woman - How to deliver Shogun Sequences like a pro without sounding awkward - "Hot" and "Cold" female brain modes, and how to keep her in the "Hot" mode - Developing your own provocative Intrigue Story to capture a woman's attention - "Multiple Sub Plots" to get her brain in "Hot" mode and captivate her imagination - Intrigue Ping - the first sentence that you must say when approaching a woman - How to avoid the biggest mistake from using "Pickup Artist" (PUA) style openers - Exploiting her inability to tell fantasy from reality, and bring out her hidden needs Module 6: Rapport This module provides industrial strength Mind Control rapport building tactics to make a woman submit to you.Derek Rake offers his Shogun Method seduction system designed to show men how to use mind persuasion techniques to dominate and seduce women.It also shows you how to generate raw, almost animalistic attraction in a woman towards you.Also learn how to use Fractionation to control, dominate, and seduce a woman.

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- Learn the One Sentence Fractionation - Locational Fractionation using only body language - Conversational Fractionation to get great results like the experts - Five seduction scripts to attract a woman and get her to surrender to you - Downloadable Companion Guide on the ‘Rollercoaster’ storytelling technique Module 2: Three Preconditions What are the Preconditions and why they are crucial to your success?

You may sound too robotic spewing these routines if not careful.

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