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Life is life, and the ups and downs are ever present, regardless of our relationship status. Last night, I shoved my feet into the boots I was married in. When you dig them out of a duffle bag for the 428th time, socks are socks and the color of the toe doesn’t matter much. Lauren, when you’re bitter, it has to do with you and Me. I slowly stood and followed my husband up to communion.

Food, groceries, carpet cleaner, sex, the color of our clothes hangers, the brand of garlic salt, bath mats, cash vs credit, and parking. I recited all the lines in every song, thinking only about the days when single-me attended a church with enough room down front to go sing my heart out to songs I knew and loved.

Then I took a shower, worked up a good sweat on the stationary bicycle, and I took another shower.

At the very least, however, he must have paid a price for it.

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It's a girl and a boy for parents-to-be George and Amal Clooney.

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I did notice that my socks were too thick for these boots, and I cursed them for it. Lauren, when you’re jealous, it has to do with you and Me. I stood behind him in single file line, in the dark, like I was just another girl at church. as any movie star in the history of movie stars ever been more perfect than George Clooney?