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I could’ve been the preschool teacher with 10 kids.”At the speed-dating event in Tel Aviv, the responses to Ms. Women in jeans and leggings — clothing she wouldn’t be seen in — clamored to say hello, as did young men.

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The political parties supported by most of her neighbors in Elad, a bastion of ultra-Orthodoxy, belong to the right-wing governing coalition that she abhors. Zernowitski waits her turn, smiles, stands and delivers a five-minute stump speech that turns heads and opens minds.She rails against the state-funded but privately run ultra-Orthodox, or Haredi, education system, where, she says, “your background” and “who you know” determine “who gets into the good schools.” She recounts how she became a trailblazer as an ultrareligious woman in tech, but laments how her children are stuck “in the same place I was before.”She blasts the Haredi parties, which she says are a half-century behind the times on women’s rights, gay rights and many other issues, and the right-wing government over which those parties hold outsize sway, because she says it ignores problems affecting Haredi communities for fear of antagonizing its coalition partners.