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01-Mar-2020 07:31

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In Emma’s case, Logan met Christianity with an open heart and was already making strides toward accepting God’s love.If you feel your partner might try to steer you away from your faith, consider re-evaluating whether this is truly God’s path for you.If you’re also dating a non-believer and looking for some Christian dating advice, here are four honorable ways to imitate Emma in “The Fight Within”.Just because your new boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t believe in Jesus doesn’t mean they don’t have a desire to know Him.

So, whether you feel He’s asking you to embrace someone who’s not a believer yet or asking you to walk away, trust in His plan for you.

Have you ever had feelings for someone who isn’t a believer yet?

It may feel contradictory and confusing to fall for someone who doesn’t subscribe to your faith, which is a fundamental part of who you are.

A pivotal and eye-opening moment for Logan’s faith in “The Fight Within” is when he meets Emma’s friends and realizes how selfless and happy they are.

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He had never known leading a Christian life could be so fulfilling.In an overwhelming multitude of dating networks nowadays, Christian Faith Dating is a rare sight, which might explain why it is becoming so popular among people who care deeply about questions of faith and love.