Female medical students dating

29-Feb-2020 07:23

He's clearly very stressed and not thinking rationally. He says I'm being selfish and I am going to make him fail medical school.

He is angry for me "wasting his time" by bringing this up. He keeps reminding me about how much time is being "wasted" as we talk. He didn't like the idea and starting making vague suggestions.

He'll just kind of come out of nowhere and be like "let's do it." Then he'll mope if I say no.

When I (rarely) say I feel like we get too little time together he will say that we live together, sometimes work out together, sleep in the same bed, and eat dinner together and that's enough.

he says if he is going to give up any of his time it will be for sleep.

Sounds like he's just decided youre his new Mum who will lift and lay him.