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03-Oct-2020 06:02

Vectra Threat Labs, a research arm of Vectra Networks, detailed today how consumer-grade Internet of Things products – in this case, a Wi-Fi security camera – are hackable and programmable as “permanent backdoors.” According to the Lab, this allows “potential attackers to remotely command and control a cyber attack without being detected by traditional security products.” A hacker could thus gain full-time access to a network without needing access to a laptop, workstation or server.“Consumer-grade Io T products can be easily manipulated by an attacker, used to steal an organization’s private information and go undetected by traditional security solutions,” said Gunter Ollmann, CSO of Vectra Networks, in the company’s statement.Here on our tube you can enjoy the latest reallifecam video in several most interesting reallifecam video sex categories.Latest pics and hdmovies of our hottest girls available in full hd 1080p, 2160p and even 4k quality.“The vast majority of people do not yet know or understand the hidden capabilities of the devices they are purchasing and deploying throughout their homes and businesses,” Ollmann told .“These hidden capabilities, and the methods of exploiting them are unfortunately not known to hackers and are in the process of being used as tools to attain perpetual access and control of the networks they are deployed upon.” Industry experts say that web-based cameras, and other consumer grade Io T products, feature similar designs, and thus similar vulnerabilities.Don't get left behind, become a subscriber in 2017 and gain access to new pornhd mobile app with movies and real life cam pics.

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“While many of these devices are low-value in terms of hard costs, they can affect the security and integrity of the network, and teams need to keep an eye on them to reveal any signs of malicious behavior.” Vectra Threat Labs purchased a D-Link Wi-Fi webcam and successfully reprogrammed the approximately camera to work as a backdoor. “The irony in this particular scenario is that Wi-Fi cameras are typically deployed to enhance an organization’s physical security, yet they can easily become a network security vulnerability by allowing attackers to enter and steal information without detection,” said Ollmann.