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In Kodak's United Kingdom division, the same system was used, but with code word "CUMBERLAND".French and Brazillian divisions may have used other words. ) It should also be noted that George Eastman was a strong proponent of the International Fixed Calendar, (you can read a bit more about it here: ) So the letters in the serial number "RS1234" would indicate 57, and the item would have been made in 1957.Some Items have a four-letter code indicating month and year: "YROC" would indicate 05-61, or May, 1961.

Trivia: The International Fixed Calendar was known as the Cosworth Plan in England, and the Eastman Plan in the United States, and was the official calendar of the Eastman Kodak Company from 1928 to 1989. ) was to use a yearly calendar that had 13 4-week "periods", rather than 12 uneven months. They (we) started on Jan.1, so you can be reasonably certain that your Ektar was indeed finished in the year indicated.Fixed_Calendar ), and it isn't clear which calendar was used for the coding.Trivia: after visiting Kodak plants, Victor Hasselblad started using a similar system for dating Hasselblad cameras, using the code word "VHPICTURES".The company made the new model because they thought that X1D is somewhat lacking in performance.

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Even after the many firmware updates, the X1D describes as being pokey with long startup times, sluggish response to inputs, and slow shot to shot times.

The upgrades target more to responsive and snappier camera but it is still no replacement for smaller format mirrorless cameras for shooting sports or other fast action.