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05-Dec-2019 13:37

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In fact, around 90% of his thoughts are eerily similar to the lyrics of Dennehy: Bears, Hawks, Sox, Bulls.His weekends are spent tailgating at Soldier Field or the Cell, grilling brats, chops, dogs... That being said, that never-ending “rain or shine” level of devotion is a huge bonus.

Your first date: After-work drinks at Hubbard Inn paired with oysters from its raw bar (because “you know... The inevitable breakup: You’ll text him after your date to thank him. The inevitable breakup: You’ll dump him after having several nightmares about giving birth to tiny pleated pants-wearing accountants.Your first date: Dinner at RPM Italian followed by drinks at Paris Club.

After entering the webcam section, choose any model and enter their live stream.… continue reading »

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Whereas women’s number one fear is that they’re going to get murdered.” It’s hilarious but also sad how true this quote is. I went from feeling good about myself to feeling like a leper alone in a room typing.” This is how the whole quote goes: “Online dating is like online shopping — except for that with online shopping you’re looking for things people really like, and you get them cheap.… continue reading »

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Thanks @rmaddy – Ryan Westcott Sep 26 '15 at | 2 Answersup vote 5 down vote This works for me Swift 2 - (Xcode 7.2.1) View Controller.swiftimport UIKitimport Core Locationclass View Controller: UIView Controller, CLLocation Manager Delegate info.plist Add a new line Information Property List: NSLocation When In Use Usage Description Type: String Value: The application uses this information to show you your location | this answer answered Mar 13 '16 at user3410437 331 4 6 | up vote 0 down vote Try getting the location by getting the last object for the array locations in the method location Manager(_:,did Update Locations locations: [CLLocations]) .… continue reading »

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