Hooking up vs dating in college

12-Nov-2020 15:41

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Though this statistic sounds shocking, it is important to realize that first dates are more likely to turn into committed relationships and thus greatly limits the number of other first dates that person could have over that time period.

For example, in a given 6 month period, a person who goes on a date that results in a serious relationship only has 1 first date over that time, while a person who isn’t dating could easily have several hook-ups during that same time period.

That is, if you ask college students about the prevalence of hooking up, they demonstrate But is really isn’t entirely college students’ fault. Finally, if college students buy into the media’s portrayal of hook-ups being common, it could lead them to pay more attention to instances that match these beliefs (a phenomenon known as confirmation bias), which can also lead to ignoring contradictory information such as all of the college students who are in long-term committed relationships.

The definition of what constitutes “hooking up” is vague (e.g., is it kissing someone or does it have to be more? Conclusion Ultimately, the data reviewed above indicates that Millennials are not part of a “Hook-Up Generation” any more than previous generations.

Although a common narrative, do the data support the notion that today’s young adults are “hooking up” more than previous generations? A sociological study using the General Social Survey comparing hook-up rates among today’s students with students from a decade ago found that both groups reported similar rates of hooking up.

Think of this as the omnipresent “kids today are different” stereotype.

(You can read more about this study on ) When the study’s lead author, Martin Monto, was asked to respond to media reports about the “rampant” hook-up culture, he replied: “This implies that the college campus has become a more sexualized environment and that undergraduates are having more sex than in the past.

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