Im a freshman dating a senior

16-Oct-2020 02:10

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One Princeton junior told me that, during her first three months in college, she stayed in her room every Friday and Saturday night.She didn’t go out because her high-school boyfriend didn’t want her to.In the first few months of college, there are those long, lonely freshman nights – times when you wonder whether you’ve actually made any real friends.By November, however, most freshmen have gotten over the worst of their homesickness.“But with long distance, there’s the implication that you’re in it for the long haul.Having a long-distance relationship in college doesn’t just mean long distance.

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I look at her, all dolled up in heels and a cute crop top, and then I look back at my bed, soft and warm, offering a Saturday night of TV, calls with high-school friends, and microwavable macaroni and cheese.Do I push myself to meet new people (and risk spending the next four hours smiling and saying “hey, where are you from?