Internet problem validating identity

05-Mar-2020 20:12

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Verifying online identity is an increasingly important consideration as more official business is conducted online.Deb Shinder writes about the related issues of loss of anonymity, privacy, and cybercrime.When it comes to cybercrime, identity comes into play in different ways.Cybercriminals steal the online identities of others for different purposes.A quick perusal of the names on Facebook or Google will indicate that not everyone conforms to those rules, but the services have been known to remove accounts that were obviously violating those policies.While the intent of the "real name" policy - to deter scams and keep the quality of discussion high - is good, it has unintended, and not so good, consequences.

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We have to do those things as our "real selves." There has been talk about even allowing online voting in elections.

All of this means we have to provide a means for those with whom we do business or interact officially online to verify that we really are who we claim to be.

Some services allowed users to create multiple screen names for one account, so that even if you knew Big John233 was really John Smith down the street, you might not know that he also logged on and communicated with you as Lone Ranger420.

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It was much easier to keep your real identity a secret in the online community then because expectations were different.

In some countries, people who make public comments critical of government or other authorities may be in real physical danger of repercussions.

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