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" you can respond "I am so grateful to everyone on this team for their incredible input -- certainly yours, Nathan, and the whole gang.This is a team effort, to be sure." Everyone Hates You, Just So You Know If you really get a workplace bully into a panic state, you will know. Their limbic system is in full fight or flight mode, and they've decided to fight by calling you awful names, putting you down, and telling you that everyone from the CEO to the cafeteria lunch lady hates your guts."The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain — he is inspired by it.

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Fearful people will try to intimidate you, whether you are a new college grad or a long-in-the-tooth business veteran like me.They will tell you why they are smarter, more well-connected and more influential than you are. They will detail for you the exciting projects you don't have the seniority to work on and the lofty people they know and you don't.