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We just came off two of the darkest Batman movies ever. BAT-VAL Actually Batman has been marketed to children pretty consistently for decades, so all you're saying is that you don't know Batman. But is it really that bad that Batman gets a movie entirely aimed at children? BAT-VAL Look it's perfectly okay if you're not a fan of this movie's tone or if you prefer a darker Batman.Val Kilmer doesn’t really want or need to prove himself to anyone.

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NICOLE KIDMAN This is the first time you've met me as Bruce Wayne! NICOLE KIDMAN Fuck off, I'm in love with Val Kilmer, the guy who is nothing like you! MICHAEL GOUGH Odd, you show no marks despite getting SHOT IN THE MOTHERFUCKING FACE! TOMMY traps BAT-VAL in a BANK VAULT with the MOST ANNOYING GUY IN THE UNIVERSE.