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21-Mar-2020 16:39

However, she recommends reading up on your destination’s culture plenty before you approach a handsome stranger. “Check out different travel sites and blogs to get an idea of the culture prior to your trip.” Understanding the culture before pursuing a romantic partner does more than just protect you from an embarrassing faux pas.It can also protect you from misinterpreting a common greeting as an opening salvo in your next great love affair.“There is no better way to experience different romantic customs than to go on a date with a local,” she says.

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Are you looking for love, a new friend, or a perfect long-term companion?Though the mystery and intrigue of dating someone who grew up in a different culture than one’s own can be an exciting and satisfying chance to learn and grow, it can also present problems, especially if things get serious, Morris suggests.While living in China, Morris, who is American, met, dated, and eventually married a Chinese man.One of the earliest and most fundamental findings in the field of linguistics is that our perception of accents is much more deeply connected to the social and cultural trappings we associate with them than with their objective sonic qualities.

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All the way back to the 1960s, linguists have used something known as the “matched-guise technique” to test listeners’ attitudes toward a given language, dialect, or accent by blindly rating them based on a certain set of criteria. Unfortunately for American men, this stereotype turns out to be true often enough. Mainstream magazines and websites are full of articles, geared toward American women, that detail the finer points of dating foreign men.

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