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However, there is a clear lack of representation for the other side.

Very few anime depict ongoing relationships that begin near the onset of the series with little-to-no difficulty.

Kōko continues to harass Mitsuo with no concept of the word, “no.” This leads to an aggressive encounter that leaves Kōko vulnerable.

Meanwhile, Banri, who still has to cope with his amnesia, is envious of Mitsuo because of all the attention and love that he’s receiving from Kōko.

Over the course of a season, two characters within an interpersonal relationship will typically follow this path and arrive at their relationship at the end of the serialization of the show, as mentioned by Richard Eisenbeis.

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He moved to go to law school in Tokyo just to get away from her, but her obsessive nature leads to her enrolling as well.Banri brings a lot of baggage with him, however, because of an accident suffered in his senior year of high school.Banri fell off of a bridge, and as a result, he suffered amnesia.Often, over the course of the second half of the season, one will begin to secretly pine after the other while the other remains too confused to deal with his/her emotions.

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Finally, one climactic event occurs that forces the two to reconcile their feelings, eventually leading the pair to enter into a romantic relationship. This is the formulaic pattern that the romantic genre of Japanese anime, one of the world’s biggest storytelling media, often follows.The day-to-day aspect of a relationship is often ignored for the more dramatic and potentially humorous circumstances that the usual formula provides.

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